Paws to Wellness

We are enthusiastic to provide your pets a smart care with our easy to use smart collars. Our devices are well designed to level up the overall pet care.

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Strive to be the best dog parent possible with our Smart Collars

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Track Your Activity

Understand your buddy better by tracking and monitoring their activity and sleep. Finding out why they are sluggish or hyperactive is a piece of cake.

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Get Health Alerts

Anything out of the ordinary? You will get a notification right away. So, you can nip the bud of the problem right at the start. No more running to vet at unusual hours.

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Tailor for Your Pets

Like humans, every Dog is unique. Our smart collar works according to your pet’s needs and gives you what you need, no more generic solution.

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Enable Pet Talks

How cool it’d be when you dog come to you and says, “Buddy get off the couch and take me for a walk!” Allow your Doggo to communicate with our Convo mode.

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Use Easy App

We know how much you hate ads and complex dashboards. In order to satisfy all of you, using our friendly App is a walk in the park.

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Grab Easy Price

A Peace of mind when caring with Petdrifts. You are no longer need to maintain a monthly subscription to keep benefiting from personalized pet care!

Why A Smart Collar

  1. Smart collar monitors all the dynamics of your pet’s physical activities, i.e., walking, running, and resting to calculate your pet’s calorie expenditure.
  2. Pet Drift smart collar helps you monitor your pet’s sleeping behavior to help you indicating your buddy's complete health.
  3. Advanced technology in collars will keep them ultra light and help you manage your pet’s fitness like a pro.
  4. Pet Drift collar works hand in hand with an easy-to-use app that gives you and your pet the best user experience ever.

Download our app

We have our applications at Android and IOS both platforms. Please make sure you have a Pet Drift collar when you install these apps, they are designed to work with our collars only.

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