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An Owl Pet with wisdom and powers - Super Pups

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    Fun and Thrill

    We are not animals we like to have fun. We only live with humans, mistakes are inevitable.
    Saving people = Super Dopamine.
    Collateral damage = Thrill

    techno the super pup - petdrifts
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    Super Powers

    “You think, you know computers? AI built this lab for me.
    They don’t call me Techno - The Nerd for playing with Chat GPT.

    Pet Comic Newsletter for Super Power Pets
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    Family Friendly

    You cannot deny our cuteness. We bet all the kids will love us too.

    a happy cat
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    Free Newsletter!

    We are telling our stories for free, even when we live in this machine of capitalism. Coz we wanna be more famous than BTS.

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  • A simply best comic newsletter, I couldn't imagine the pet world portraited in the super pup stories!

    Samiha D